Stevie Wonder – All I Do

This song isn’t widely known as а cover. The fact is, it was originally writen by Stevie Wonder himself (with some collaboration). So is it actually a cover? We’d like to think so. Stevie, a 16 years old teenager, wrote the song in 1966. But then Tammi Terrell was the one who recorded the first and original version of it.
10 years after Tammi’s death, in 1980, Stevie Wonder recorded his own “All I Do” and made it one of his classic songs.

Stevie Wonder – All I Do
Released: 1980
Label: Tamla
Album: Hotter than July
Memorable line: “All I do is to think about you”
Genres: soul, funk, R&B

The Original Song:

Tammi Terrell – All I Do

Written by: Stevie Wonder, Morris Broadnax, Clarence Paul
Released: 1966
Label: Motown

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