Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør – Ice Machine

Released on 20th February 1981, Ice Machine is the B-Side of Depeche Mode‘s first ever single Dreaming of Me. The song has never been among the band’s most popular, and the single itself didn’t impress in the charts.
Another iconic band of our time – Röyksopp, in collaboration with the talented Norwegian singer and songwriter Susanne Sundfør, took over the track and gave it a new life. The beautiful cover version was oficially released in 2013 as part of the “Late Night Tales: Röyksopp” compilation. However, here we present you a bit older, LIVE, and simply amazing version! Enjoy it, you can thank us later:


Röyksopp – Ice Machine
Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør – Ice Machine -- coverReleased: 14/Jun/2013
Label: Late Night Tales
Album: Late Night Tales: Röyksopp
Memorable line: “Like blood, like the wine in the darkroom scene; The darkroom scene, darkroom scene”
Genres: electronic, synthpop, downtempo

The Original Song:

Depeche Mode – Ice Machine
Depeche Mode - Ice Machine -- cover
Written by: Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode
Released: 20/Feb/1981
Label: Mute Records

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