Placebo – Running Up that Hill

“Running Up that Hill” is the most popular song of Kate Bush’s earlier years. Originally it was named “A Deal with God”, but was later changed due use of the word “God”. Giving the song a new name was successful, as well as giving it a new versions. The British Placebo covered the track and released it originally on the bonus disc of their album “Sleeping with Ghosts”, and soon included it on another one: “Covers”.

Placebo – Running Up that Hill

Released: 22/Sep/2003
Label: Hut Records, Astralwerks
Album: “Covers”
Memorable line: “You and me, be running up that hill”
Genres: rock, indie rock, alternative rock

The Original Song:

Kate Bush – Running Up that Hill

Written by: Kate Bush
Released: 25/Aug/1985
Label: EMI

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One Response to Placebo – Running Up that Hill

  1. firoozeh says:

    i like this cover as much as the original version .or even a little bit more =)

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