Linkin Park – Rolling In The Deep

Big, big, big song. That’s all we need to say about Adele‘s “Rolling In The Deep“. So big that it got a few covers very quickly, less than a year after its official release. In 2011, Linkin Park performed one of them live – an acoustic version of the track. Chester Bennington, frontman of the American rock band, took over the vocals and sang. And – surprisingly or not – he sounded as good as Adele.

Linkin Park – Rolling In The Deep
Released: 04/Jul/2011
Label: iTunes
Album: performed live at the iTunes Festival in London, 2011
Memorable line: “We could have had it all / Rolling in the deep / You had my heart in soul / And you played it to the beat
Genres: soul, blues

The Original Song:

Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Written by: Adele, Paul Epworth
Released: 29/Nov/2010
Label: XL

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