Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør – Ice Machine

Released on 20th February 1981, Ice Machine is the B-Side of Depeche Mode‘s first ever single Dreaming of Me. The song has never been among the band’s most popular, and the single itself didn’t impress in the charts.
Another iconic band of our time – Röyksopp, in collaboration with the talented Norwegian singer and songwriter Susanne Sundfør, took over the track and gave it a new life. The beautiful cover version was oficially released in 2013 as part of the “Late Night Tales: Röyksopp” compilation. However, here we present you a bit older, LIVE, and simply amazing version! Enjoy it, you can thank us later:

Röyksopp – Ice Machine
Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør – Ice Machine -- coverReleased: 14/Jun/2013
Label: Late Night Tales
Album: Late Night Tales: Röyksopp
Memorable line: “Like blood, like the wine in the darkroom scene; The darkroom scene, darkroom scene”
Genres: electronic, synthpop, downtempo

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Lana Del Rey – Heart Shaped Box

The year is 1993. Kurt Cobain is still alive, and Nirvana‘s latest album “In Utero” has just been released. Its first single was Heart Shaped Box.
Almost two decades later, in the summer of 2012, the reaching-her-pick singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey covered “Heart Shaped Box”: one of her favorite songs from childhood. While the original version is, umm, the original, we have to admit that Lana did a great job. And she even achieved to sound different that her usual sound.
After releasing this cover, however, Cobain’s wife Courtney Love stated in Twitter that “the song was about my vag*na”. After all, perhaps it is no coincidence that Lana covered this particular track – anyone remember her “Cola” song, and what it tastes like – at least according to the lyrics?

Lana Del Rey – Heart Shaped Box
Lana Del Rey - Heart Shaped Box -- cover
Released: Jul/2012
Memorable line: “I’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks”
Genres: pop, rock, ballad

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Hyperchild – Wonderful Life

German rock band Hyperchild is not on scene anymore… But they’ve managed to left something behind, something for the history. This one is very different to the Tina Cousins‘ cover version, and even more far away from the Black‘s original from 1985. But hey, life is wonderful in many ways, as well as music in all these genres!

Hyperchild – Wonderful Life
Released: Aug/2000
Label: Columbia
Album: Easily
Memorable line: “No need to run and hide / It’s a wonderful, wonderful life”
Genres: rock, heavy metal

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Sandra – Nights In White Satin

Back in 1967 the English rock band The Moody Blues released their most recognized song nowadays. Nights In White Satin was named after a friend gave Justin Hayward (member of the band and also author of the lyrics) a gift of satin bedsheets. Later in 1995 the German singer Sandra covered the song in a modern dance-pop version. Some would find it way too different than the classical sound of the original – however, Sandra is not just an ordinary singer, and her track has its place in time.

Sandra – Nights In White Satin
Sandra - Nights In White Satin -- cover
Released: Mar/1995
Label: Virgin
Memorable line: “Nights in white satin, never reaching the end / Letters I’ve written, never meaning to send”
Genres: pop, synthpop, disco

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